We understand the importance of quick and efficient navigation for emergency responders and logistic planners in off-road terrain. That's why we conceptualized a simulation software which can utilize existing space data already on the ground

💎 Idea

Create a service that enables emergency responders to quickly plan the optimal routes for their vehicles at hand in uncertain, unstable and/or obstructed terrain to quickly reach remote locations.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We use the data from the COPERNICUS Project especially SENTINEL-2 and SENTINEL-3
to obtain soil analysis, weather data and topographical data.

🏦  Space for Defence and Security

Our service will enable emergency responders to avoid dangerous routes for their vehicles and reduce the chance to

🤼 Team

Ferdinand Thomas - Embedded Systems Engineer - Ex-Intel

Marc-Lorenz Döhmer - Software Developer - Ex-FINN

Lea Kablitz - Industrial Engineer & Manager - TU Darmstadt

Siva Reneganathan - Media Informatics - University of Bonn