💎 Idea

We use drone planes to scan the sea. We get the data radio FM. At specific position and Recher the drones and let it fly again. Using the AI, we analyze the data for people in distress, like sinking ships or suspishes looking useless. For weasels, we find, scan there id or find find the relative information, if it seems shuspishes we reported. We will use the data of sentinel-1 WH. Sentinel-1 WH images and mapping the path. We are solving human aid problem. And we by using sentinel-3, Land satellite for wider forks to know if we should let our drones out

🛰️ EU space technologies

Sentinel-1 WH, sentinel-3, Galilajo

📡 EU Ground technologies

Ground wheder Radars (Eumetnet)

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We will need some finance for the mission "Making the seas more secure".

🤼 Team

Six members

Justinas: The programmer that likes to finger the problems out. especially with math and everything can be solved with math and time.

Manwithaplan: He is online, he helps

Egle: The art is that knows how to present a pleasing products. These skills are essential for making the project pleasing to both eyes

AsmodeusDrake: (Domas) A man that knows the psychology of people, make the project interesting to regulate people. Not just to Progrramers or Geomakers.


The slides: