AiCaptain, our project, intends to create an automated vessel monitoring system that uses satellite data and AI algorithms to track vessels and offer real-time intelligence on potential security issues, such as piracy.

Shipping businesses will have access to a dependable tool for monitoring and detecting illicit marine activity with the Automated Vessel Monitoring System. The technology will enable shipping companies to identify possible dangers and take preventive measures to safeguard the safety and security of their vessels and cargo by including features such as real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.

Our proposal responds to the growing concern about illicit maritime operations by providing a comprehensive solution that improves safety and security. We intend to change the shipping sector by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovations to provide a dependable solution for monitoring and identifying illicit maritime activity.

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Our Automated Vessel Monitoring System aims to address the challenge of the illegal tracking of vessels by utilizing the latest technology and innovations. With access to satellite data from sources such as Copernicus, our system can provide real-time monitoring of vessels and other ships, allowing for early identification of potential security threats and optimization of shipping routes to avoid high-risk areas.

We also intend to use advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate data and discover patterns in the shipping business associated with criminal activity. As a result, our system will be able to produce more accurate predictions and detect abnormalities that may suggest illegal tracking and other activities.

The use of satellite data and AI algorithms brings a tremendous amount of value to our idea, allowing us to offer a comprehensive and reliable solution to the shipping industry for detecting and preventing the illegal tracking of vessels. Our goal is to enhance the safety and security of maritime transportation and contribute to the growth of the global economy.

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The Automatic Vessel Monitoring System, which we propose, uses satellite data and AI algorithms to solve the problem of illicit marine operations. The system monitors warships and other ships in real-time, allowing for the detection, tracking, and mapping of potential security risks and unlawful activity.

The system provides significant insight into high-risk locations, allowing for the establishment of safer shipping routes and the prevention of losses due to unlawful activity. By combining satellite data and AI algorithms, our technology provides a complete and dependable answer to the major difficulties confronting the shipping sector.

Our solution's usefulness extends beyond the transportation business and into the finance, insurance, and investment sectors. Our solution enables these industries to make more informed decisions about maritime routes and insurance programs by offering a comprehensive perspective of marine operations.

Ultimately, our Automated Vessel Monitoring System adds enormous value to the shipping sector and beyond by improving efficacy, trustworthiness, and security in marine operations.


                                                                      🤼 Team

  • Tasso Nichas: Software Engineer, CFO 
  • Myria Ftellecha: Visual Artist, CMO 
  • Odysseas Herodotou: Aspiring Software Engineer,CTO
  • Petros Diomedous: Aspiring Mathematician, CTO 
  • Eleftherios Xinaris Team Leader, Expertise in Shipping Operation & Management, CEO