We selected Challenge #1 Enabling cross-terrain mobility.

💎 Idea

We identified the problem by doing on-site interview in the Veszprem garrison. The colonel phrased an extract use case of deploying a ground-air defense system on a territory originally not under the control of the Hungarian Defense forces - so there is no in-situ location knowledge .

This lead to a conclusion that the Hungarian Defense Forces needs an off-road routing planning system with a quality evaluation on various terrain, which is capable on route planning based on vehicle characteristic and ever-changing terrain.

Key Assumptions (connecting value to problem)

  • Does not need external update like built-in car navigation systems, software updates itself regularly _if_ it can access the terrain data source
  • Does consider off-road routes, which the current GPS solutions does not
  • Considers terrain changes
  • Focus on non-commercial usage


A "Safe Route Solution", which:

  • Off-road planning
  • Terrain quality evaluation

MVP product: a navigation algorithm that runs on any device.

Later a dedicated hardware can be developed.


  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Car Log System
  • WinTak (ATAK)

🛰️ EU space technologies

  • Sentinel-2: Part of the Copernicus Programme, Sentinel-2 is an Earth observation satellite mission that provides high-resolution optical imagery, including multispectral data, for land and coastal area monitoring, agriculture, and natural disaster management.

  • Sentinel-3: Another component of the Copernicus Programme, Sentinel-3 focuses on ocean and land monitoring. It carries multiple instruments, including an Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) for measuring ocean color, vegetation, and atmospheric aerosols, and a Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR) for measuring sea and land surface temperature.

🤼 Team

Out team contains 4 members:

  • Member 1: Technical architecture, data analysis, coding
  • Member 2: Security, technical and financial feasibility analysis
  • Member 3: Business analysis, roadmap, data analysis, UI/UX
  • Member 4: Technical architecture, coding