💎 Idea

We plan to take complicated marine sea data and simplifying it into useful artistic renditions making the data approachable for a wide audience beyond environmental experts. We aim to be like a weather forecasting and radar indicator in one for all sea activity, above and below the water line.

🚀 EU space technologies

We use data from Copernicus. Arctic Sea and Ice surface temperature product based upon observations from the Metop_A AVHRR instrument. The product is a daily interpolated field with a 0.05 degrees resolution, and covers surface temperatures in the ocean, the sea ice and the marginal ice zone.

We also plan to incorporate other datasets as become regionally or navigationally relevant.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Our approach is about ensuring Safe passage at sea. However, with a few additional features it can also be used for Caring for our wildlife in the arctic. Within the arctic, changes in weather data can pose huge risks in a already challenging environment. Our project reduces several data points into just one, reducing the mental load for people processing the data.


Duncan is our algorithm developer. He was the guy with the original idea of simplifying the data into recognizable icons for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Michal is our post doctoral researcher at Reykjavik University with years of experience in the fields of machine learning and data science. He has recently created and published a dataset for public usage. He is also a technologist a VC funded startup.

Judy is our businesswoman. She has been interested in starting a business since she was little. She is familiar with creating websites which have good UI and UX, taking into account SEO and user needs.