💎 Idea

When a ship sails in the Arctic Ocean there are a lot of problems which can appear. In fact the Arctic Ocean is very dangerous and the risks of sinking are real such as the ship blockage and time delay of delivering due to climate change and natural disasters. Thanks to ArcSeaPath, Now every company will be able to have a risk percentage to take a sea road you choose through Artic on a precise day based on historical data. You can modify and choose the parameters you want to evaluate the risk in order to calculate the risk percentage according to your needs.

🚀 EU space technologies

Thanks to the satellites provided by Corpernicus we will be able to extract databases for different parameters such as ice thickness, water veocity, wind etc. The datas of many years will be computed to give you an accurate percentage of the risks for you to take a route.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We choose to work on the first challenge which consists to find a safe passage at sea. This idea will make Arctic safer to travel.


We have a fully aeronautic passionate and complementary team . Julien Ngo is on the business side, Maanasa Sachidanand focuses on the machine learning, Medhi Karoui is in charge of the web Design and the risk analysis and Anaïs Rubi take a look at the latter as well. We all four are Supaero students and to complete our team and have more skills on one of the most important aspect, we have an informatic engineer who is Kevin Roland .