💎 Idea

The problem of climate change is REAL! Climate change causes rapid melting of the Arctic ice which then causes disruption of walrus living conditions. Walrus are suffering from the lack of coasting ice and our solution is to develop artificial Islands for walrus to exploit and use for their own needs.

🚀 EU space technologies

Our solution is using data from GNSS and satellite data to determine the position of the artificial Islands

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We chose to solve the 3rd challenge which made the most sense for our team, because us, humans and the wildlife form a balanced ecosystem and if something terrible happens to our wildlife we are in trouble.


Our team members:

Endijs Bertāns,

Kurts Folkmanis,

Rainers Kristers Leitarts,

Alens Eliass Grīnvalds

and we group of mates trying to make a change whilst learning something new!