💎 Idea

          Our Idea is to navigate ships in a safe and easy manner, using AI and satelite providet data. We are developing the software to precisely chart ships path using Satelites and ship GPS. Ships will use our ICEX system and existing technology as navigational tools. We are going to use  satalite data  and AI to enable the user to get real time navigation and position information and compare to the database. The user can send information about any danger using our app. 

           Currently ships are relying on so-called 'FPS' or signal transmitted by receivers. In the future we will be able to send different kinds of information, like ship parameters and the position in the gantry and so on. We are trying to get ahead of the industry with this technology.

🚀 EU space technologies

             We are goin to use Copernicus satelite data to get weather information, include data from Sentinel 1 and combine this specific information about wether, see current speeds, ice fields and wave hights in a one single map,  to provide  view of dangerous positions on one map.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Safe passage at sea


Janis Zalaiskalns - Student in a Liepaja University, Smart technology and mechatronics. 

Raimonds Jurgelis - Student in Biznesa vadibas Koledza, Business Administration

Emīls Vibants - Student in Riga technical University, Electrical engeniering