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 💎 Idea

The extreme weather conditions have always been a major drawback in the economic growth of the polar region. On top of that, climate change is now causing massive changes in the local landscape because of frequent landslides. These two factors combined cause massive damage to local infrastructure: connectivity, transportation and industry face unpredictable risks. These disruptions have a massive impact on the livelihood of the people living and working in Arctic areas

The solution?

We propose an integrated remote monitoring platform that checks the health and the environment of field equipment. Horus is 100% based on satellite communication. It provides high accuracy by combining EO satellite data and in-situ IoT data provided by a smart sensor which also communicates through satellites, like Iridium (ESA), Starlink or cube sats. Our platform will be a commercial application to such New Space constellations.

🚀 EU space technologies

The first step was to integrate the wekeo satellite data API in our platform for easier visualization, configuration and interpretation. We called images which offered us hints on temperature, ice thickness, wind speed and snow melt.

For the sensor integration part we intend on building this component with the help of the Iridium satellite network to monitor critical infrastructure in-situ as well. 

These observations clear the path to precise and aggregated knowledge collection, which in turn will yield high reliability in predictive maintenance. 

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Life on land - environmental monitoring and climate change mitigation to increase the livelihood of people and creating new industries in the Arctic by protecting the infrastructure.


Bianca Balan - Project Manager - 3 year experience in running software projects, passionate about start-ups and space

Oana Besileu - Project Manager - freshly graduated, highly skilled in creative business and sustainability projects

Alexandru Binzar - Back-End Software Engineer & DevOps - 5 year experience in designing enterprise level solutions, including IoT and Big Data 

Vlad Galuska - Full-Stack Software Engineer - 2 years experience in developing enterprise level applications

Daiana Iurescu - Front-End Developer - Computer Science student at the Polytechnic Faculty Timisoara and part-time software developer

Flavia Pela - Back-End Developer - freshly graduated from the Polytechnic Faculty Timisoara with 2 years experience in developing enterprise-level applications

Darius Stan -  Full-Stack Software Developer -  Computer Science student at the Polytechnic Faculty Timisoara and part-time software developer

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