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Safe routes

A safe and efficient navigation in the Arctic

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  • Safe passage at sea


Safe route


The main purpose is to provide a useful service to ensure safe and efficient navigation in the naval routes at the north pole.

The routes at the north pole are of great interest in the last period especially due to the melting of the glaciers caused by the global warming. So in the future, more polar routes will be available and they allow a reduction in times compared to traditional routes, for this reason it will be increasingly necessary to support navigation.

In fact, in the period between 2006 and 2016, the number of accidents increased seven times

We would like develop a service for planning and supporting adaptive navigation in real time through the integration of data from satellites, drones and devices on other ships.

And also we would try to reduce the risk of naval navigation in the Arctic, by enhancing planning and providing real-time support (assisted guidance).

To realize our goals we have found a  solution that provides Gnss traces of optimized naval routes obtained by a special algorithm that intertwines satellite data with local data from drones and other ships

After a quick market analysis of navigation support devices, we have not found any company that provides integrated services like ours.

We thought that our business can reach the market in 3 different ways:

Fixed subscription or ad hoc solutions (ship managers), Training crews of ships and Data resale to other companies.

EU space technologies

Wekeo and Cassini

Weather Data

AIS (Automatic identification system)

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)

Connecting the Arctic

Challenge: Safe passage at sea


Luca Sorrenti CEO Meccatronics - Product developer @ Evolvo mobility solution

Michele Modina CTO Aereospace engineer @ PoliTo

Cosimo Mai COO Aereospace engineer @ PoliTo