An Arctic Monitoring System that helps vessels make right decisions in cruical moments

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  • Safe passage at sea


 💎 Idea

Our solution provides security for Arctic shipping by implementing software analysis and modeling from available satellite data. Lowering the risks of passage, the Arctic shipping routes could save significant time and money for 25% of the vessels in the world. The solution consists of a software package and a hardware infrastrucure, providing data unaccessable to satellites.

🚀 EU space technologies

Our software uses both Copernicus and Galileo satellite data to model possible hazard predictions in the Arctic region.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Challange #1: Safe passage at sea


Ivan Porupski - PR & Sales. Has a background in science & public relations

Petar Starčević - UX & Bizdev. Has a background as a startup founder

Stipe Stanić - Software developer skilled in both Python & Javascript

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