💎 Idea

We aim to develop a user-oriented voyage planning tool specialized in providing an optimized trajectory in order to make use of the Northwest Passage.

🚀 EU space technologies

We are making use of the WEkEO platform in order to extract and process the Earth Observation data. The data processing stage is implemented in Python. Also, using Matlab we are developing route optimization strategies for Arctic transists which provide the user an optimal trajectory.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

The chosen challenge is #Safe passage at sea, and the main approach would be to focus on the optimization of the Northwest Passage shipping routes. On the long run, this will enhance the navigability opportunities.


Tell us who is in your team, what role they have (e.g. coder/designer), and a 1-2 sentence bio.

  • Ștefania Cantaragiu - data acquisition and processing
  • Robert Lică - data acquisition and processing
  • Daniel Bețco - coder and data processing
  • Gabriel Graur - mathematical modelling and coder
  • Nicolae Constantinescu - researcher
  • Albert Barasch - presenter and business strategy