💎 Idea

Our idea is to make an app for tracking polar bears and moving them to better habitats for them.

the problem is because of global warming the ice is getting thinner and they can't get enough food or move to a certain location for mating or hunting. As a result of this, the polar bear population is decreasing.

We are focusing on the foundation of how we are going to get the money and making a web page soo that everyone can see the problems from satellite data and the information about polar bears.

We are going to solve this problem using an app but we are also making a web page for information for all users and donations.

🚀 EU space technologies

We are using WEkEO data about temperature and ice and snow thickness.

This will help us understand the places where the habitat is not good for polar bears, what means if the temperature is too high, and where the ice is too thin.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Caring for our wildlife


Agate - information researcher 

Patriks - information researcher/presenter 

Laimis - WEB page creator/Coder

Matīss -  designer 

Ivita - team leader/ keeps us to the plan

Ilze - presenter