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💎 Idea

Energy is a key resource for human development.

The artic is one of the most important regions for research and development, still ambient conditions are too wild for most human settlements. Furthermore, the scarcity of infrastructure interconnections of the region with the rest of the world requires the usage of the only feasible energy source, fossil fuels.

Still, even under those ice layers of the Arctic region, there is a huge potential of generating clean energy by using the seawater flow. The water is continuously flowing due to several factors such as the orography of the seafloor, changes in the temperature, wind interaction, and the tides powered by the moon's interaction with the sea.

We are working on a platform that shows up the potential power that can be harvested by different types of state-of-the-art technologies which leverage the kinetic energy contained In the sea flows to generate clean electricity that can be used in the region for their daily life, research facilities; and even open up the possibilities for the deployment of new power infrastructure that allows the deployment of data centers, or energy export for other continental areas.

Using the Arctic as an optical fiber bridge between two continents, connecting the world and connecting the Arctic to the world. Transforming the Artic into a smart region with massive deployment of servers with zero-cost cooling.

 🚀 EU space technologies

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In this initial stage of the project, we are using datasets exposed by Copernicus regarding sea speed, sea depth, as well as wave swell height, and wave direction.

Later on, we are planning to include information regarding ice speed, ice depth to avoid ice impacts with the kinetic generators, as well as information regarding Biogeochemistry for minimizing the impact in wildlife.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Life on land

The arctic is a very complex and wild scenario for living, as the climate conditions such as wind, sunlight, and temperature require the investment of large amounts of energy to make suitable the life.

Besides, generating electricity in the arctic can open up new possibilities for businesses, such as remote exploration probes, underwater data centers, or even electricity exporting.

🙋‍♂️ Team 

- Natalia Espinosa |   👷‍♀️🥑💡 | Data Engineer 

Electrical and electronics Engineer. M.Sc. 

Experience in MV/HV networks, data analysis. 

Interested in data science and energy.

- Alvaro Carpinteiro |   ⚙💱🚀 | Business Manager

Electrical and electronics Engineer, M.Sc.

PhD Student in Power Systems

Experience in Time series DB, big data, back-end architectures. 

Interested in Investments, technology and rockets science. 

- Marco Marin |   🏄‍♂️🍴👨‍💻 | Software Engineer

Computer and Telematics Engineer, M.Sc.

Experience with Wireless, GIS, ML, data visualization.

Interested in business, finance and entrepreneurship.