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 💎 Idea

Variability in migration routes is interlocked with weather patterns and ocean dynamics. The investigated variable is the current velocity and how it is affected by the melting of ice cap which irreversibly changes the sea water salinity.  Hence, the two main objectives are

  • Study the relationship between salinity and current velocity using either neural network or a mathematical model. Prediction of current velocity plays a pivotal role in determining optimal routes for vessels --> marine navigation
  • Study the impact of ocean currents upon migration routes (make improvement on existing stochastic models by enhancing the deterministic component) --> marine wildlife conservation

🚀 EU space technologies

- Initial stage: Dataset from the Operational Mercator system for sea water velocity and daily mean salinity

- Development stage: Argo database for ocean current and possibly other oceanologic parameters

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

The team's goal is to investigate the relationships between different physical quantities in ocean dynamics. Several sectors will benefit from such physical models based on real data. Nevertheless, the main focus is on understanding and forecasting migration routes which falls under Challenge 3. The team also wants to explore the topic of navigation route optimisation at a later development stage.


A dynamic cocktail of mostly scientists skilled in modelling and simulating as well as a small component of developers

- Oliver: co-founder of food supply chain startup, background in business and web development

- Yousof: Researcher with theoretical physics background in stochastic processes

- Jung: computational scientist with background in spectroscopy and quantum dynamics.


Gitlab repository for the source code