💎 Idea

Permafrost holds massive amounts of methane (potent greenhouse gas) in form of microbial and thermogenic CH4. It's potential release into atmosphere will form a positive feedback loop of temperature rise (higher temp. -> more permafrost melts -> more CH4 released -> higher temp.) 

Our goal is to provide customers with locations with the highest ROI from biogas collection. We can achieve that by combining CAMS methane gas column data, CLMS ground temperature with combination of permafrost boundary location and with combined index of accessibility (near infrastructure, export routes...)

🚀 EU space technologies

We'll be mainly using data from CAMS and CLMS.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Life on Land


Matus Hancikovsky - Mechanical Engineering student, experienced in electrical engineering, Earth Observation and Satellite Comunication enthusiast

Marek Volosin - Graduate in field of Artificial intelligence, with professional experience in SW Engineering (C/C++/C# Linux/Windows), Computer Vision Software Development, Kofax scanning technology, and SAP systems, Currently working as a Senior SW Engineer. State-of-the-art professional Trainings, Client oriented, Communicative, with Passion in all forms of education 

Pavol Griga - Design and biomedical engineer with passion to solve climaic challenges by new approaches.