💎 Idea

We are Albatross and we aim to develop and build automated navigation systems for cargo ships, based on space technology and Machine Learning algorithms.

🚀 EU space technologies

We leverage on European space technology providing valuable scientific data through the Copernicus program, as well as navigation data from the Galileo constellation.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We are tackling the "Safe passage at sea" by developing an autonomous navigation system that will increase safety of trips, as well as other optimization parameters such as time, distance, and fuel savings. This is specially important for the Arctic region, in which new routes are bound to appear in the following years (with an increase of traffic), due to the ice melting.


The Albatross is composed of four team members with complementary skills:

- Gianluca LA TORRE (CEO): Background in Aerospace Engineering and Management Experience in Startup.

- Stefano CIRULLI (CTO): Expertise in Satellite Imaging, Navigation and Telecommunication.

- Enrico TORMENA (CFO): Background in Aerospace Engineering and Startup Business Development.

- Ramon GARCIA (CDO): Background in Wireless Communications, Network Engineering & Machine Learning.

More information

Check our PDF presentation below for more information on the project!