💎 Idea

The Artic Ocean is  a constantly-changing and hostile environment, but at the same time a zone and ecosystem that must be protected at all costs. The navigation routes planning supposes both a thrilling task for humans, but also a huge alteration to the wildlife and ecosystems of the Artic. We aim to oprimize these routes in order to provide a safe and solid framework for navigation and a way to protect the Artic.

🚀 EU space technologies

We will be using the Copernicus satellite images and data to apply powerful and efficient computing techniques in order to process the data received and take it into practice

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We are solving the "Safe Passage at Sea" challenge. Our aim is to help both sea crew members and the artic ecosystem by means of our solution, as the interaction between sea species and ships is a huge concern in this challenge.


We are Óscar Lobato and Alberto López, Computer Science engineering students. We both are programmers as well as algortihm developers. We feel passion for computer architectural specs as well as the mathematical part involving the science.