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💎 Idea


We envision to organize ourselves as a technology company, partnering ourselves up with existing Nordic travel companies. Our introduction to the market brings added value to the industry with our technological intelligence: offering a unique iceberg vacation experience, detecting likely northern light, meteor shower and observing the stars.


We develop a new exciting way to experience the arctic and to experience our planet. In this, we cover 2 programs: 

  1. Exclusive arctic trip for our premium customers. 

  2. Youth arctic expedition for students as collaboration with international organizations.


We believe by influencing these two key customer groups: premium customers who will likely be people of influence and changemakers, and the youth who are the future of our planet, we induce a significant climate conversation.


A big proportion of the profit from the premium users will be redistributed to the community, to uplift the living of the indigenous community and to protect the Arctic environment. Utmost care will be taken in our venture to ensure minimal impact on the environment, using natural amenities as much as possible; and our customer experiences will be designed in a way to bring climate awareness and hopefully induce lasting behavioral change to tackle the climate crisis.


🚀 EU space technologies

We exploit the Copernicus Marine Service Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Analysis and Forecast data, to detect large floating sea ice, and to detect the trajectory of these sea ice. The selected sea ice, whose safety criteria have been satisfied and whose trajectory is well understood will be used for our arctic experience venture.


❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We are solving the “safe passage at sea” hackathon challenge while also creating a new exciting tourism industry around it; by detecting and implementing sea ice travel ventures on large and safe sea ice trajectories. 


Further, our business model will be designed in a way to contribute to the local arctic community and the environment. Few approaches we take in this regard will be:


  • Pay attention to global warming - to show the tourist the real life on arctic, the risk iceberg changes to support environmental  behavior in daily life 

  • Improve education of younger generation - once you experience it by your own, you will be more focused on nature and issues regarding global warming around you

  • Target investment for further arctic development

  • Local person will be on a tourist boat to tell stories about local life - within we give salary or something what they need to local and support the arctic community



Samuel Molčan (GIS, Coding): Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering; Experienced programmer/machine learning expert.


Amin Shakya (GIS, Coding): Has a double master’s degree in disaster risk management; interested in the tech-for-good market space.


Ivan Mrekaj (Society-science interface): Climate and environmental scientist with a forestry background, focused on phenology, drought in forest ecosystems, and climate change.


Tatiana Telecká (Business Development, Marketing): Mechanical engineer with expert experience in manufacturing production, assembly, and marketing.


Pavel Kubíček (Business development, Marketing): Student of trade and business with a specialization in agricultural technology.