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Project Name

We are renovating the arctic! Small towns in the arctic are heavily reliant on fossil fuel to meet their energy needs. We are going to change it by providing them with viable renewable energy sources.

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We are building feasible

 💎 Idea

By leveraging data such as:

- CO2 emission

- climate data

- digital elevation model [to be released] 

- physical model of atmosphere [to be released]

- live sensors deployed on the ground [to be released] 

We are building recommendation engine to assess feasibility of renewable energy sources in Arctic region 

🚀 EU space technologies

We are using Copernicus satellite data.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Life on Land


Tell us who is in your team, what role they have (e.g. coder/designer), and a 1-2 sentence bio.

Efe Bugra Acikalin [business guy] -> studying Business & Technology at Tampere University and has previous experience in startup hubs.

Rufat Bayramov [generalist] -> studying Robotics & AI at Tampere University with background in Aerospace Engineering

Phuoc Nguyen [coder/designer] -> studying Robotics & AI at Tampere University with background in Mechatronics Engineering