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 💎 Idea

We have created a platform for shipping companies and NGOs to create dynamic, sustainable routes through the Arctic. Therefore, we are not only taking into consideration the origin and destiny of our clients, but also include vessel types, weather, and sea conditions, and vulnerable areas of the ecosystem and wildlife.

Furthermore, we are offering additional features like a fossil fuel calculator to help our clients lower their consumption and GHG emissions and we are fostering an Arctic Community, helping each other with real-time data.

🚀 EU space technologies

We are using Copernicus and Galileo, however, we will not limit ourselves only to space tech, but will rather complement it with other sources to offer our clients an all-in-one solution for more sustainable shipping.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We are connecting the Arctic by making Passage at Sea not only safer, but also more sustainable.


We are an international, cross-functional team of three.

Cadia Pander is our expert in maritime security and risk assessment, with working experience in the shipping industry and geospatial intelligence,

Ioannis Zacharakis has a strong background in geoinformatics engineering as well as research and ecology,

Denise Wenczel is responsible for further business development as well as for the project and sustainable management.