What do we want to do

Lets offset carbon footprint and help grow trees at the same time. Using brilliant space data in the process.

Collect Seeds

Take part in the project and collect seed  to offset the carbon footprint of Iceland.

Learn about Trees

Learn about the different types of trees and get help identifying the seeds.

Connect with your community

Connect and have a friendly competition with the people in your community.

Bringing together existing projects

Icelandic Forestry Association, CarbonOffsetCalculator and Langræðslan with ArcGIS

Services being used 

Dominant Leaf Type from ArcGIS
 aiming to use the data for broadleave trees and pinetrees.

Simple and affordable

Using excisting calculation and infastructure lowers the cost. 
 Keeping the app and concept simple
and cost-effective.

Bringing together people

Working together for a better future and bringing into the light the usefulness of the europian space station data.

Created with ❤️

Made with organisation that care about the future with a governmental innicative, achieved with the community.

Our results

Affordable, engaging and viable option for the Icelandic government to promote carbon offset, and see real change with the help of Copernicus.

Figma Prototype Link

Github Link