💎 Idea

Three well known issues are overfishing, bycatch, and illegal fishing also hard to monitor. All of these, even when regulated, are not constantly and objectively controlled. Our plan is to use a combination of satellite data, is situ measurements and the GNNS service to provide an objective and transparent sustainability certification to fisheries.

🚀 EU space technologies

Copernicus system to monitor physical and chemical properties of the ocean. This will allow us to identify safe "havens" where fishing should be limited or restricted.

GNNS service: location, route monitoring and cargo caught.

Combining the Copernicus and GNSS services we will provide a comprehensive and transparent tracking tool to offer an objective sustainable fishing certification.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Challenge 3: Caring for our wildlife 

The main pilot programme of our solution will be deployed in the arctic region to collaborate with governments working on regulations for sustainable fishing.  


Martina Pé: CEO, Enviromental Science student, strong leadership skills.

Andrea Festa: CTO, Space Engineer for Space Exploration, passionate about technical product development.

Luca Daniel Spagnolo: COO, Enviromental Science student, interested in remote sensing.

Maxim Roveri: U.I., Computer Scientist, enthusiast coder.

Beatrice Cafà: R&D, Enviromental Science student, passionate about biotechnologies, exceptional creativity.

Veronica Oricchio: Marketing & Comunication, Enviromental Science student, enthusiast promoter.

Viviana Motta: Sales, Enviromental Science studen, passionate about marine biology, strong commuication skills.