💎 Idea

Prevent, prepare and protect the Arctic from fire. Arctic wildfires and zombie fires are increasing due to climate change. Isolated arctic lands are hard to monitor. We provide simple daily accessible fire forecasts for fire Arctic emergency actors. 

🚀 EU space technologies

Using Copernicus data coupling with ECMWF weather forecast, we develop algorithms to map main risky areas, fire propagation, air pollution propagation in order to prevent and protect new risky fire areas. Thanks to the daily Arctic revisit frequency of the constellation, we are able to provide

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Pcube is solving challenge #2 life on land by monitoring high fragile environments. By that, we help to better understand specific Arctic fires, prevent and protect the land, the ecosystem, and the people living there.


We are a 5 engineer team coming from aerospace to business background.

Simon is the CEO, Yoann the CTO, Neeraj the main data scientist and coder, Sanath the business developer and Chrisy the lobbyist expert.