💎 Idea

Permafrost represents one fourth of the arctic area. This frozen land is not supposed to melt. But since the year 2000, we observe a phenomena  called thawing permafrost. This issue is considered as a huge climatic bomb for a lot of reasons. For exemple, in 2020, 20 000 tons of diesel leaked in natural lakes from a thermal power plant which collapsed due to thawing permafrost. And estimations show that this phenomena will cos 100 billion dollars up to 2050. 

During the hackathon, we worked on a way to prevent these types of collapsed due to thawing permafrost.

🚀 EU space technologies

For our service, we will rely on three satellites constellations :

  • Copernicus Sentinel-3 for the soil temperature monitoring and thermokarst ponds detection
  • GHGSat for methane emissions detection
  • TRE Altamira SqueeSAR to monitor the ground surface displacement

We will process these Data and use them to create an A.I. that will be able first to monitor the thawing permafrost and then to predict it. 

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We are solving the challenge "Life on land" by warning Arctic populations against possible accidents caused by thawing permafrost.


We are all 5 students at ISAE Supaero in MGPIE (Management de Projets Innovants et Entrepreneuriat).