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💎 Idea

Research expeditions to the remote areas of the Arctic cost much money and consume a long time. On the other end, there are people who live close to the research location and know a lot about the place. We created a tool that connects them. It both provides new sources of data for the researches and empowers the local residents to make a change in their lands.

🛰 EU space technologies

Our application uses the most innovative technology provided by the Galileo satellite navigation system. It uses the unique OSNMA service to guarantee the integrity of the research data.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

The app solves the problems of life on land. We connect people from all over the Arctic to give them an opportunity to impact the severe changes in their environment by accelerating research.

🌍 Team 

Dilnaz Zhumabayeva - sustainable urban development

Sviatoslav Vasev - software development

Anmol Arora - software development

Safiul Alam - software development

Son Nguyen - software development