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 💎 Idea

          Throw this project, we want to implement friendly energetic solutions with the environment. After researching, we noticed that nowadays Arctic Circle energy is based on fossil energy which lead to global warming and ecosystem damage.

         Therefore, we consider that green energy should become an alternative to the conventional one  and also to work together for greening the planet using modern technologies which reduce pollution.

For example, at local level ,houses may be powered by photovoltaic and at industrial level (villages, towns) should be powered  by geothermal energy, winds and other local energy. Without this green energies, fossil energies can be improved to pollute as little as possible throw innovative ways.

🚀 EU space technologies
We use Copernicus and Galileo to exemplify areas where we can implement renewable energy.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

The challenge we have chosen us life on land and we want to implement renewable energies and also to protect the environment in the Arctic.


Alexandru Manta - Data scientist 

Antonie Stefan Gherasim - Software developer 

Paul Gasparovici - Designer