Platform to monitor and forecast marine flora and fauna

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 💎 Idea

Is it possible to have correct and reliable monitoring system of the marine flora and fauna? For now this is done with a domain specific approach that is limited to the use case that it is developed for. Our idea is to create a general purpose platform that uses a holistic approach to achieve it. We want to integrate and correlate different datasources and dashboard them in a user-friendly platform. This allow us to solve problems like:

- finding fishy zones and locate sustainable zone for fish farming (for fishermen and fishing farm companies)

- forecasting marine flora changes (for researchers, learners and activists)

- detect anomalies in the marine environment to fight abuses and frauds (for governmenets)

🚀 EU space technologies

PhytoForSeea uses many innovating techniques and technologies to integrate and show in a friendly way Copernicus/WEkEO data with others fauna and flora data.

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

Caring for our wildlife


  • Luca Passeri (CEO), Data Scientist and Machine Learning expert
    graduated in Computer Science and Engineering - Unibo
  • Eugenio Pierfederici (CTO), Information Security Analyst with passion for Machine Learning
    graduated in Computer Science and Engineering - Unibo
  • Eugenio Cavina (CDO), Big Data architect and Data Mining enthusiast
    graduated in Computer Science and Engineering - Unibo

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