The efforts have been put into building a PAAS for analyzing and building data dashboards on the platform.Users getting to utilize their data with a seamless flow of streaming the data to the platform and designing dashboard elements based on the requirements.The platform also provides the ability for the users to implement report generation periodically.



Web3 ecosystem as a whole visualizes to see a world running on web3 technologies but it is one of the composite technologies existing in this era. Everyone is interested in utilizing the strength given by blockchain. Developers have been working on this vigorously to transform complex applications into easily accessible platforms.In this process of innovation, our team binary identified the Importance of analysis in web3 domain which is the key to scale.The Thought of analyzing the data made us to this point to build a platform where you integrate your smart contract or use api to stream data. Data processing is on us and data beautification, usability is on the user.

How is Bermuda Unique!!!

We hear at Bermuda work towards data integrity and accountability in the web3 space. The stored data is being analyzed to perform predictions and capture data patterns so that the applications in web3 space work with certainty.


  • Seamless data integration and indexing
  • Making it easy for the data traders to trade data
  • Automation of data extraction and reporting for continued analysis.
  • Provides an edge over analysts in web2 working with decentralized data.


 The PAAS works in providing the services of building personalized Dashboards and continuous integrated reports. The application provides data fetching or streaming techniques,Contract owners can provide the contract address and method to index and a Rest api to stream data from DApp’s directly.The streamed data is stored in subgraphs for easy utilization.The data is then open for the user to access in tables and freed to select his/her choice of graphs and data injectivity. The user gets the opportunity to opt for alerting like reports which can be monetized in the future.The data is being validated using cartesi machine.

Challenges we faced

  • Data storage,cost effectivity and encryption were the major issue
  • Integrations with multiple tools.
  • Building a seamless flow for the users to perform functions.
  • To maintain the data latency and provide the user with real time analysis.

Future Builds

  • The analysis includes collecting metadata and utilizing it for user based analysis.
  • Multiplying the Visual representations for catering better to the requirements
  • UI/UX development to provide users the easy flow experience.
  • System architecture should be optimized to reduce pricing and reduce latency.

TechStack and Integrations


  • Polygon :environment and authentication
  • Covalent : data extraction api
  • Dune : generating Visual data boards
  • Cartesi : Analyzed data validation
  • Push Protocol : For notifying generated data alerts.
  • Infura : IPFS service to store data
  • TheGraph : Data storage and processing
  • : Frountend hosting

Technologies used

Node JS,Express JS,React JS