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A Scratch-like (Scratch MIT) Dapp for Dapps powered by Cartesi. This project aims to make web3 development accesible to a wider audience by simplifying design to mix and match pre-built blocks.

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Presenting GaloisBlocks

GaloisBlocks is a no-code app that lets you design and deploy smart contracts with ease. You can drag and drop blocks to create logic, data, and interfaces for your decentralized applications. GaloisBlocks leverages Cartesi’s scalable computation layer to run complex code off-chain, while preserving security and decentralization. Whether you want to create a DeFi protocol, a NFT marketplace, or a DAO, GaloisBlocks empowers you to build your vision without coding. GaloisBlocks is the ultimate no-code tool for blockchain development.

Why use GaloisBlocks?

Well, if you want to build awesome apps on the blockchain, but you don’t have the time or skills to code, GaloisBlocks is the perfect solution for you. You can create smart contracts with just a few clicks, and run them on Cartesi’s powerful computation layer. That means you can use any programming language, any data source, and any software library you want, without compromising on security or decentralization. Plus, you can test and deploy your apps faster and cheaper than ever before. GaloisBlocks is the no-code app builder that lets you unleash your creativity on the blockchain.

Check Out our slides!

How does it work?

Inside GaloisBlocks logical structure lies GaloisBlocksCartesi, a set of prefabricated contracts which are already available for testing on private blockchains. It is as simple as executing a POST request to our Cartesi Rollup or as executing a .py file!

PS: Check Legacy & present code! GaloisBlocksCartesi & GaloisBlocksFrontend