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Revolutionizing Supercar Sales with Fair Prices: CarFair Price Predictor Tool.

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CarFair Price Predictor Tool

CarFair is an online marketplace for buying and selling supercars with a focus on fairness and transparency. The platform has developed a price predictor tool that uses AI technology to provide accurate car valuations based on various factors such as model, type, and year of manufacture.

The price predictor tool is deployed on Cartesi blockchain network, which offers many advantages such as fast computation, secure ensuring efficient and reliable processes.

 Why CarFair?

The supercar market is notorious for unfair pricing practices, with sellers often overvaluing their vehicles to inflate their profits. This practice leads to a frustrating buying experience for consumers who struggle to find a fair price. CarFair aims to solve this problem by providing a fair and accurate price prediction tool that benefits both buyers and sellers.

How it works

The CarFair price predictor tool uses AI technology to analyze various factors such as the car's make and model, type, and year of manufacture, to provide an accurate valuation.


The CarFair price predictor tool is a unique solution that addresses the issue of unfair pricing in the supercar market. The use of Cartesi blockchain technology ensures that the tool is efficient, reliable, and secure, while the user-friendly frontend provides a seamless user experience.

Demo Video: https://youtu.be/Jsrn878d5iY
Github: https://github.com/rahulvivaramneni/CarFair-Cartesi