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PVP decentralised gambling

Gambling sites always favour the house. In the end, players are always bound to lose. But, not anymore , with PVP gambling, its always the PLAYERS who WIN.With underlying blockchain to prove fairness

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I've always been an avid gambler , and obviously , an a avid loser as well. Having lost a lot of money on gambling sites , i realised that these sites are built in a way , that we the players will always lose. 

Either be it because of rigging the logic or unfair mechanics. It then came to mind "What if a player's loss is another player's win ? Wouldn't that be nice ! Instead of a single non-living entity winning everything , what if the players are the ones who win ! " 

And , here I am ! The games will be very simple initially , as simple as rock-paper-scissor. 2 ( or more ) players pool money and the winner takes it all ! Simple , right ? I have a lot of such simple , but fun games for everyone to play and compete against each other.

Added along with a chat feature , It'll give rise to healthy friendly competitions amongst the players. That's the kind of gambling website i wish to build.