Project Name : GreenDEX
Team Member(s) : 1
Project Goal :
A decentralized exchange is a service enabling counterparties (traders) to exchange one asset for another, without the involvement of any third party as an intermediary. This applies to all components of an exchange (not just settlement), which is the only criteria many ‘decentralized’ exchanges use to classify themselves as such (i.e. using atomic swaps).
Project Milestones :
We should already design of front end and dex platfrom.
User can trade Tron/CSC/BTT/XinFin/Fantom/Polygon and etc.
Brief description of project :
GreenDEX is the fastest, most secure, most reliable, and most decentralized exchange (DEX), built on the Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain and etc. GreenDEX mimics a centralized exchange experience, but enables traders to conduct exchanges directly from their respective wallets instead of through an intermediary.
### Here are some benefits to using GreenDEX:
1. Safe Trading - There’s no middlemen or intermediaries. Funds remain in each party’s wallets and are not entrusted to a third party at any stage (non-custodial). Your funds are always in your control.
2. No Accounts - Since it’s decentralized, there are no accounts, signups, or KYC/AML requirements.
3. Lower Fees - Trading fees are lower than those with centralized exchanges, and withdrawal fees are non-existent since trades are conducted directly from the wallets.
4. No Limits - There’s no withdrawal or trade limits, creating greater flexibility…
5. Trading Pair Freedom - Complete trading pair freedom allowing any digital asset on GreenDEX to be traded with any other.
6. Zero Downtime - Since GreenDEX is a decentralized exchange powered by the BlockChain technology, there is zero downtime and built-in DoS protection.