1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas?

As a digital transforming company we always look for innovations that are recycling around the world, this is why joined this challenge to be part of the Solver community, we would be excited to more intentionally create partnerships that improve our model, learn new tools, reach more territories and create a framework for ongoing scale.

If you want to go near go alone and if you want to go far go together, this theory is our due foundation to our expansion in new market sites. Thus it's more even worth positioning ourselves in the world we speak the same language for the betterment of our future.

2. Problem/Opportunity Statement

Parental involvement and engagement in education are crucial now more than ever because lifestyle has changed and parental collaboration is on demand. 70% of parents are less likely to attend parent-teacher physical conferences or school events and the fact out is Parents now prefer remote methods of communication close to them, like online student portals.  6/10 students who fail in their academics fail due to lack of parental involvement in students learning process, resulting in a massive drop out of students by 52% in just the next 3 years after their enrollment. Also, the overall Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) is 1:56. The ratio is not good compared to the standard 1:45. is attempting to reach parents to provide the right information, at the right time through the use of the technology that is common in every parent, teachers, and school administrator's hand that is mobile phones. In Africa, mobile telephone prices and the cost of communication have dropped. Mobile telephone use has increased from 5% in 2003 to 73% in 2014. There are 650 million mobile phone owners on the continent (more than the US and Europe).

3. Short Idea  Description is the integrated end-to-end digital school management software system for integrated parental involvement in students learning process, developed to bring simplicity and modernization in the education carrier. The software helps to simplify all the school and other education institutions' daily operations through the use of Artificial Intelligence, natural language, and computerized technology. is our flagship product. The Web platform delivers qualified school management that serves as a supplementary for analogy school management.

4. Long Idea Description

70% of parents are less likely to attend parent-teacher physical conferences or school events and the fact out is Parents now prefer remote methods of communication close to them, like online student portals, while 6/10 students who fail in their academics, fail due to lack of parental involvement in students learning process, resulting to a massive drop out of students by 52% in just the next 3 years after their enrollment.

Unfortunately, in underserved and marginalized communities parents face barriers to engage. So while students spend more than 70% of their time in schools, parents struggle to work with their children to best support them. Differences in educational background, language barriers, and overwhelming work schedules can cause mutual misunderstandings between parents and teachers, making it challenging to work together to support their students.

And here is where has joined hands to address this challenge by developing an integrated software system that allows parents to monitor and track students’ academic and behavioral growth while receiving key notifications from school administrators and teachers just on their palm of hand, through deploying an adaptive learning platform that supports the students' learning journey within a limited internet connection.

5. Why is your idea innovative? has positioned itself as a key innovative company since it has made the customer's lives easier by equipping them with a cumulative solution that is easier and friendly that has successfully converted the learning knowledge and ideas into benefit oriented learning solution. Our innovation is to make it work with poor internet connectivity and  have successfully managed to reduce the paperwork’s to the subscribed schools by 50-70% and is subject to digital education trends like the integrations of online live classes feature which was more Popular and used more during the covid 19 pandemic outbreaks. We have a vision of transforming the education system from the analogy to digital, we have managed to integrated all the key players in the education system in our platform making an end to end platform for all key players in the education system.

6. What are the potential impacts of your idea?* wants to position itself as a base for digital education in the East African Community, we need to see every student who successfully manages to join secondary education complete his studies in regardless of the performance. We need to impact the education system by seeing almost every school in our zones has adapted to digital school management and digital learning methodologies.

We are aiming to reach 1 million users worldwide by 2025, with 60% via mobile phones, 10% on Desktop, and 10% through other means. We need to capture the attention of all the private schools while foreseeing developing partnerships with the government in penetrating all the government schools. According to Mordor Intelligence, “The school information management system is expected to reach a CAGR of 13.5% during the forecast period (2021-2026).   This is the predicted rate of return in investment terms. And, that makes sense considering the push towards digitalization in education, e-learning, and improving the quality of education taking priority.


7. How do you plan to implement this idea?

We provide a tech-driven solution to parent and teacher education/training - by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we personalize the education through a data-driven, yet, accessible, and scalable way. We also specifically build for low-income, minority and immigrant communities. We use innovative technology to power our solution combining machine-learning and humans, allowing for culturally relevant technology to enable two-way conversations between teachers and parents, which is becoming an increasing need.

8. Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?

 We have a creative visionary team that is passionate about change. Every department is equipped with a goal and budget to streamline the achievement of the company, for example in the sales department that is responsible for pushing our company to the fields and we have a customer success specialist who has got a role to retain and maintain the customers, all of this departments are cooperative in building a common goal company.

We believe in employment inclusion, that’s why we have more freelance agents that work on commission, and we project in 2022 we will behave created more than 50 more sales freelance jobs. We strive to create an environment in which everyone feels valued and respected and we know that when solutions are designed with the most underserved populations in mind, they benefit everyone. As a technology led company our team is made up of experts in various technology and academic areas, we have a team of 4 employees and more than 13 freelance agents.

Our Founder and product Manager, William Eliya, has extensible skills and award winner, has attended multiple incubations programmes making him valuable to our company leadership. Makundi Senzota (CSO), Emmanuel Maguta, (CFO), Happiness Njau, (Office Administrator) have good experience that have proved results on technology change and social positive growth.