• 1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas?* 

It is a place where you can develop good ideas.


  • 2. Problem/Opportunity Statement*: 

Human development in general, a stable development that allows to fulfil the full potential of human. It is the direction to a good future and resilient infrastructure.

People work together in one accord.

  • 3. Short Idea  Description*: Youngsters and young adults should be trained in overall skills like process management. The existing networks need to be preserved and build on.

"Everybody is legendary."

Here you can find the link for the pitch video:      


  • 4. Long Idea Description*: 

I usually try to find solutions for the eternity. That is the easiest way. My special field is subconsciousness.

For the setting of a goal I use the approach: "Nothing is impossible."
I studied BIONIK, "Learning with nature." 

I like the way sophists think. It is a general thinking approach that makes is easy to keep the overview.

One of the major points is to preserve networks e.g. of refugees. From there comes the power to start something new. They can be trained in what they need at home. Some will stay. Cooperations can be established.

For the youth and young adults it would be good if they could work on current tasks like getting the poison, e.g. disinfectant, out of the water. A model for this task could be Lake Baikal with its crustaceans. They also could work for one year on the topic of BIONIK. There is need for evaluation.

I live in Germany so I had the luck to live a while on the strong social system, so I did not need a job for making my living. In that way I had time to work out some fundamental tasks.

For disabled persons the sign should be green and white, so the self-healing powers are activated as well as readiness to help others.
Emergency exist signs should be in antique pink and white, so the reaction is correct and fast.

The paradigms in science need to be positive and optimistic.

The universe is refining more and more. The energy filled emptiness is the starting point , just like ideas develop. "First there is nothing but a slow glowing dream."

Because of this the second sentence in thermodynamics should be: "The order increases.".

Subconsciousness: Everything that is worked. It is abstracted and therefore very compact.

Consciousness: Everything we work on. The results are safed in the subconsciusness and memory.

Superconsciousness: An overlying net work.

1.4 - safeguarding against failure: in the field of engineering everything is calculated as correct as possible and then multiplied by 1.4; there is a safety range in the calculation, like e.g. for trains in Germany the temperature range should be from -30°C to 50°C (the maximum temperatues in Germany are -20°C to 35°C). This rule could be applied in politics as well.


Platform for talents - work your passion

target group: young people

- working space
- net works
- special assistance to every worker


target: synergies

Everybody has its own talents in front of his own background. "Everybody is legendary."


group work


identify yourself (talents => PEP: personal development planning: What do I like? Where do I see myself in 5 years time? picture) + background
identify your sources (=> invitation of teachers)

webspace to develop _ideas_ _together_

ideas: database with short description, description, picture
together: net work, contact data, invitation visits
embedded the fruit develops
ET-finger: ==> presentation of working results one time a week with offer to help
==> synergies

publishing in scientific and technological and ... databases
music, theatre, film
models, prototype, product

a tutor supports 1 or more students to accomplish their own idea
the students can work in a team as well
there is a weekly meeting where projects are presented and help is offered
from there comes the overturn of new, senseful projects where people can commit to their passion

experienced team members can step in as tutor
==> growth:
getting higher quality: net works => refinement, combinations, synergies, specialties

for experts:
group of 5 teams in a special field / project
one tutor for 5 groups in a week

_special databases for free
the use of patents is for free____________________________________________________________

the young people get the contacts and resources they need to make their idea come true. In this way they create their own job or find a fitting working space.
The youth can use their energy and power to create a better future.




1 one teacher (experienced person) - 5 students - self chosen topic
2 process management
3 net work preserve
4 dynamics:
learning skills that are useful at home, cooperations
5 energy flow correctly
6 short video : 3 hints a week

to work together in one accord


the students work on the project themselves/individually
the teacher helps to make it come true, e.g. contacts in politics

process management
project management

PEP - personal development planning
What do I like?
Where do I see myself in 5 years time? picture

business economy

- training in a special field

net works e.g. refugees who come in groups
from net works comes the power to build up something new and resilient, because people know their conditions at home

set dynamics that bounce back and lead to refining

set the way of movement in a way that leads to cumulating power and energy by getting the people at where they are and help them to strengthen their background

"The energy follows the attention."

for international use


for youth and young adults the following skills could be taught so they can move on on their own:

process management (simulation game)
project management (real project)

PEP - personal development planning
What do I like?
Where do I see myself within 5 years time? picture

economics (German: VWL)
business economics (German: BWL)
for 2 years:
special field

I was trained like this by SIEMENS.


The subconsciousness is helping on your way. You just need to target it correctly.

For the science we need optimistically paradigms, so the science and the society move in the right direction. E.g. the second sentence of <thermodynamics> is correctly: "The order increases." This has a positive impact on life as a whole and is in accordance with the Chinese energy preserve that the universe is getting finer and finer. Networks are preserved and build on.

In your subconsciousness you can set guidelines that help you.

E.g. you can collect information of a certain question by setting up 4 columns: topic Greece columns: people sea islands fish. The information is collected consciously and unconsciously. Y


Some of the ideas are known and I just want to mention them here, so they are worked on in the idea pool.

  • 5. Why is your idea innovative?* 

It raises the human full potential. 

It uses dynamics in human development that nobody thought of uptil now.



  • 6. What are the potential impacts of your idea?*

Bounce back from covid by making the immun system stronger, energy flow

I am convinced that the covid virus is actually harmless and that just the energy flow is too weak at the moment (Chinese). It has to be stabilized. The subconsciousness can set the right guiding.



  • 7. How do you plan to implement this idea?* 

There are various points from where you can start to set the energy flow correctly, e.g. the product quality sounds.

It is possible that the young adults come up with their own ideas. They should be supported and accompanied by people who have experience (in politics). This concept can be used locally.

Up to 1000 characters. What is the current stage of your idea and how did you get there? How are you planning to turn this idea into a reality? What is your implementation plan?


  • 8. Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?*

WE have the background knowledge and feeling to set the guidelines.

The idea has to be implemented in politics.


  • Image*: Choose an image that best represents your idea.
  • Like the roots of a tree. We need to be rooted.
    • We need to identify ourselves , our origins, our sources.

    • People work together in one accord. 
  • Supporting documentation: Attach any supporting documentation that strengthens your proposal.
  • I Like Althuller's principles.
  • evaluations/tools:
    • 12X
    • MAT and the hierarchical principle
  • work your passion
    • platformfortalents
    • concept
    • 25
  • short story/fairytale:
    • The happy knight - Shining Fire

Here you can find the link for the pitch video: