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Bees Business and my Life is the project involving beekeeping as a polinator to enhance community food security, Environmental conservation tool as well as income generating project to people. This project will mobilize 45 groups of youth as beekeeper, provide them with tools for beekeeping that will include 20 beehives with colonies, bee protector for each groups. Innolif will construct 5 beekeeping House as a Demonstration facility. Construct 4 fish ponds as source of water for bees. The project will train the groups on beekeeping. The beekeepers will supply honey in its natural form. Innolif will process, package and deal with market chain for the products. The honey bees products processed will include; Organic Honey, beewax, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis

This project will play a role of environmental conservation, create direct employment to 1500 youth and women. During this Corona pandemic situation this project can be implemended without any obstacle.




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  • 1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas?* I have an idea but it needs a forum(s) to make that idea real, it needs a forum that will engage and promote. My motive to be engaged with Bounce Back is for social change, Be able to access networking benefits and project promotion, Linked with accerelators, funders and other investor. I wish Bounce Back will enable my business grow.


  • 2. Problem/Opportunity Statement*: Actual demand of honey and other bee product in Tanzania is too high, as well as the country has a virgin forests and vegetation needed by honeybees. another prevailing challenges is unemployment due to the fact that number of youth graduating from schools and collegges is increasing year after year while employment opportunitis are still the same. 
  • This project is an opportunity for job creation and income generating to rural households. This sector can absorb this group of youth with a minimum capital required. Bee keeping is the only opportunity youth can be engaged. According to FAO reports thatThe upheaval set in motion by COVID-19 may push even more families and communities into deeper distress, This project will lay an altenative for layed off employees caused by low productivity caused by lock down. 
  • Climate change has a tremendous negative environmental and human impacts in so doing there is unreliable rainfall, which results to uncetaininty for food security.   In Tanzania, unemployment (for all ages) declined slightly from 11.7 to 10.3 per cent in 2014. However the country faces key labour market challenges including - policy issues and employment creation not being translated into action at local levels and in generating significant impacts on unemployment. Further, poverty rates especially among the youth and women remain pervasive. 

Up to 1000 characters. Explain the problem/opportunity your idea is addressing. How does it relate to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • 3. Short Idea  Description*: Up to 500 characters. This project idea is owned by a group of 5 people 2 adults and 3 youth (20-28 years of age) as founders. this project will be engaged on utilizing bees products to wealth, this project idea will initiate 5 beekeeping houses with 200 beehives each, we have plan to acquire 1000 hacters of land specifically for beekeeping. The project will facilitate the formulation of 45 youth groups as beekeepers, apart from formulation they will undergo beekeeping training and supported with 20 bee hives, 2 sets of protective and 20 bee colon. apart from beekeeping the project will initiate rental polination scheme to owners of maize, sunflower and sasem plantation as income apart from honey and other products.

4. Long Idea Description*: 

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Describe in detail your idea for the goal of contributing to COVID-19 recovery.

Polinators play a critical role for humanity in ensuring polination services critical for food security, human livelihoods and maintenance of biodiversity. with the COVID -19 pandemic, these issues have come to the forfront demanding that we collectively persue a more collective way of living and working that safeguards nd conserves many valueble polinators services. 

According to research survey conducted in South Africa by Christian Not for profit Organization revealed that beekeeping enables families from sevely disadvantaged rural communities to establish self help saving groups from which they build sustainable Climate - smart income generating entreprises.  

The Entreprise vision is to improve the health of Tanzanian communities through establishment of beekeeping self help groups that will be the first consumer of honey we produce,

The goal of the project will be engaging in extraction and utilization of bees products to satisfy health and medicinal customer’s needs. The medicinal value is our value proposition.

Our Long term strategies are;

  1. To make expansion of bee products for entreprise to enhance revenue by 2025
  2. To build capacity of our target groups and members for handling prudently the business by 2025
  3. To enter into contract with beekeepers to enable them produce quality honey by 2025. thats to say Innolif group will build capacity to formed 45 beekeepers groups, and there after will sign a contract to sell honey to our groups;

5. Why is your idea innovative?* 

Up to 1000 characters. Why is the value proposition of your idea new and unique? 

 This project is market driven and is expected to unlock economic revenue for a rural youth groups.The project is prioritized by the community themselves as way of improving nutrition from locally produced natural and healtier foods like honey made locally from their own bees. apart from improving nutrition. 

The project will be motivated by its potential to generate extra income as there is a ready market for their raw honey.which works as a catalyst for sustainability of the project.

Communities will replant trees to replace those cut down used to provide stands for beehives. the tree planted will act as a suitable sites for the apiary project as a beehives are mounted in trees.

Reforestation activities enable community groups to sustainably manage forest, combart desertification and halt reverse degradation and halt bioderversity loss, in so doing they create conditions that will promote sustainable Agriculture and enhance food security in households. (innovation)


6. What are the potential impacts of your idea?*
 Up to 1000 characters. What is the potential impact of the idea on the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? Who could benefit from the project, and is it scalable to other populations? How is it stimulating a positive effect on the economy, society, and the environment?

Through experiences and opportunitie beekeeping creates a future generation thats more food resilience  and economically stable. more than 1500 youth will acquire self sustained employment opportunities and households incomes. Yes the project can be scaled to other population.

7. How do you plan to implement this idea?* 

Up to 1000 characters. What is the current stage of your idea and how did you get there? How are you planning to turn this idea into a reality? What is your implementation plan?

The Idea is at infant stage, so far we have registered the group. Thre questing for support of school fees. But the boy told me he doesn't want a free support he can do any task I will asign to him. He went to my horticluture farm he saw a lot bees imoving around the flowers. He asked why don't you keep bees there so many in your farm. The second day a lady came to my premises with 10 litres of honey selling at Tzs 7000.00 so she left with Tzs 70,000.00. From that I signed a contract with a carpenter to make 20 beehives, 15 mine and 5 for the boy who lost all parents that was 2019. 

The second week of March 2020 I sold my idea to friends of mine to create a beekeeping group with the aim to support orphans and the Idea to support other unemployed Youth came about. so far we have 50 beehives but if we will get support we are planning to have 5 beekeeping house as demonstration and training centre. and facilitate the establishment of 50 youth groups as beekeeper. we will sign a contract with groups to buy their honey. We are planing in 2022 to establish a small High-Tech bees products processing factory.  

  • 8. Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?*

Up to 1000 characters. What skills does your team have to implement the idea?

 Our team is generic it comprises 2 adults 4 youth and  3 women, some have skills and fields experiences on the implementation of beekeeping projects. The team members are willingly and eager to utilize their skills and knowledge to empower  their fellow community members  to establish and maintain apiary projects.


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