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 Education and Training 

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  • 3. Stage of Idea: choose only one.
    • Prototyped - Beyond just an idea - tested with customers or users at small scale.

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  1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas? Describe your idea. Why is your idea innovative? What are the potential impacts of your idea? How do you plan to implement this idea? Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?
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  • 1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas?* 

 Bounce back is a platform of ideas, you learn from others and they too learn from you. You get the opportunity to build on your idea and support your  community or people.It has experts who can help to build your idea into a reality. 

  • 2. Problem/Opportunity Statement*: 

Explain the problem/opportunity your idea is addressing. How does it relate to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Before and during the covid 19 pandemic, not all students in Uganda could  access quality education and some others couldn't access education at all due to the social -economic challenges and the covid 19 pandemic  lockdown which led to the closure of schools. My idea has helped students learn from home with the support of the parents or some teachers.My idea also has enabled youth who have finished school to acquire computer programming skills required by employers.Its is creating an environment where youth can start their own jobs through using the computer programming skills.This is a big challenge to the youth who have lost jobs due to covid 19 pandemic.This idea is creating jobs,enabling all students acquire quality education,aquire computer programming skills amidst covid 19 pandemic where schools are closed,jobs have reduced.

  • 3. Short Idea  Description*: 

We developed StudyTabs which are Tablet PCs upon which we add Educational value/Experience by installing Educational software that is 100s of Applications and games, eBooks, video tutorials, puzzles, brain teasers, brain trainers, lesson notes, marking schemes, and most importantly the Uganda National Curriculum content customized to the age bracket of the child for Nursery, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary school levels. However if you so happen to be having your own tablet and you need the Educational content/Software 

  • 4. Long Idea Description*: 

Describe in detail your idea for the goal of contributing to COVID-19 recovery.

The study Tabs have given an opportunity to students to learn during covid 19 even when the schools were locked down.Students were and are accessing quality education from any place most especially home.Studying didnt stop at all for the users of the study Tabs. We also have the 

Digital youth Uganda which  is an after school/class computer programming club where youth use the StudyTab to learn how to program computers. Computer programming skills are highly sought after by employers, so this improves youth career prospects.

We also, through Digital youth ICT, are dedicated to scale ICT skills among Ugandan youth . We believe that for today’s youth  to compete and become a relevant 21st century citizen, he or she must know how to gather information, evaluate it and communicate using the most ubiquitous platform of the 21st century, the digital platform. This is also preparing them to compete favorably  for the jobs which require ICT skills. This also helps them to start up their own jobs using technology based applications.  

  • 5. Why is your idea innovative?* 

Why is the value proposition of your idea new and unique? 

This idea targets all students in uganda but more so those who cant access education or quality education.It also benefits the disadvantaged students ie refugees,students with disabilities,stigmatized and discriminated because of their gender identity. It equips the youth with skills needed by employers in today's job world.It has created a convenient and affordable studying environment as you can study from any where  during covid 19 pandemic period where schools were locked.


  • 6. What are the potential impacts of your idea?* 

What is the potential impact of the idea on the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? Who could benefit from the project, and is it scalable to other populations? How is it stimulating a positive effect on the economy, society, and the environment?

 My idea is  creating  jobs for the ones running it already within the covid 19 lockdown, it has enabled every student who is using it to access quality education amidst the lockdown to schools because of covid 19, Its empowering the users with computer programing  skills which are much needed by employers in the job world. It is creating  job opportunities for those who have gone through computer programming as they start them in ICT.It is create friendly as it doesn't damage it neither has long term effect on it.The other way round it can be used to sensitize the community about environmental conservation practices. This benefits all students in Uganda most especially those who could access quality or no education ie refugees, those in disaster areas, the marginalized and stigmatized ( eg students with disabilities or with chronic illness).It also benefits those who have finished school or those willing to take on computer programming skills for their career path or job creation. It can be scaled up to any population or country which ICT can be used or applied. This idea has been used during the covid 19 lockdown since there is no converging as a formal class.


  • 7. How do you plan to implement this idea?* 

Up to 1000 characters. What is the current stage of your idea and how did you get there? How are you planning to turn this idea into a reality? What is your implementation plan?

Prototyped - Beyond just an idea - tested with customers or users at small scale. When we started this idea, we tested it within the community through the primary schools last year in march 2020.We are selling the Study Tabs at  low prices  to enable every student access the services. We charge some little money for sustainability purposes since we don't have a funder. We are planning to work with the ministry of education and other stake holders for rolling it out and  scaling it up.


  • 8. Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?*

Up to 1000 characters. What skills does your team have to implement the idea?

 The team has 

A graduate of Bsc. In Telecommunications Engineering from Makerere University Kampala having vast experience in the EdTech business world which he joined right after graduating.  A graduate of Bachelor of Economics from Kyambogo University having vast experience in Banking. We also use tutors who are campusers pursuing IT related courses at University. We also have a graduate with a bechelors degree in Education kyambogo university.


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  • Supporting documentation: Attach any supporting documentation that strengthens your proposal.