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IDEA NAME: goodbye youth unemployment - Hello Youth Future



  • 1. Job Recovery


  • 2. Worldwide


  • 3. Stage of Idea:  Just an idea
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  • 1. What motivates you to be part of Bounce Back Ideas?* 

The idea of helping others - especially our youth - motivates the most and to give

hope and a bright future to our youth. 

  • 2. Problem/Opportunity Statement*: 

Give hope and a bright future to our youth. Investing in our youth will brighten our future!

  • 3. Short Idea  Description*: 

Providing different opportunities to our youth!


  • 4. Long Idea Description*: 

Various opportunities to choose from:

- youth volunteer program

- youth apprentice program

- youth hiring program

- youth entrepreneur program

- youth got talent program

  • 5. Why is your idea innovative?* 

The idea is unique, innovative and outside the box thinking!



  • 6. What are the potential impacts of your idea?*

Potential impact is creating various opportunities to choose from!



  • 7. How do you plan to implement this idea?* 

Implementation of the ideas:

- government funding youth programs

- government grants youth programs

- government incentives for corporate, retail, hospitality, etc


  • 8. Why is your team ideal to implement this idea?*

Know how to implement it!



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