We are Innovation. We are co-Creation. We are TAIKAI!

Every new-born company is born out of a problem existing in a certain market. Some focus on very niche markets, as others aim for larger ones. We took it a little bit further and aimed for the entire world!

Our mission is to connect talent and entrepreneurs with corporate players independently of wherever they are. It may seem like a bold statement (and it literally is) but we are very much focused on doing so.

Who are we?

We are TAIKAI or 大会, which means coopetition in Japanese. It is the act of joining competing forces together to cooperate in finding the best solution for everyone involved.

How do we make the magic happen? We do it by teasing organizations to post their challenges on the TAIKAI platform and assign a prize money to them. Our community of innovators, that may be an individual (such as an University student) or a team (such as a Startup) will present their Projects as a solution for those challenges in order to achieve the prize money.

And who selects the best projects? When setting up a Challenge, an Organization chooses its jury, which may be the crowd, their own members, an outside selected party or a mix of these. By doing so, the Jury chosen will get KAI tokens to “invest” on the projects that they find most interesting. The sum of the Projects’ KAI tokens will represent the winner(s) of the Challenge.

What’s the caveat? Apart from awarding the best projects with the prize money, they’ll also be awarded with KAI tokens, along with the “Top Backers”. These “Top Backers” represent the jury who was able to spot which were the best projects and should be rewarded for their good voting.

Our first use case: Pixels.Camp

We’re all set to launch our platform on March 21st on Pixels Camp.

Why Pixels Camp? It is the largest Hackathon in Portugal, which makes it the perfect place to show we got what it takes to manage tech challenges on a very specific timeframe and with a transparent and decentralized voting mechanism.

How will it work on Pixels Camp? Participants will have their Pixels Camp account set up and ready to use before the event. They can login by using their Github account, as they do to login on the Pixels Camp website. Once the Hackathon begins, they can create and submit their projects on the TAIKAI platform, in a similar way to what was done in the previous Pixels Camp edition. Through out the event, participants will be awarded with Pixels Camp badges that will convert into KAI tokens within the TAIKAI platform, that may be traded with other participants and that may be used to back the different submitted projects once the voting stage begins.

How do I know if my project is a winner? Pixels Camp will award the most well funded projects. You can check the results on the TAIKAI platform once the voting period ends.

Pixels Camp will be over soon. What’s next?

On our mission to conquer the world of innovation we’re starting from Portugal to the world, by having organizations such as corporates to launch online Challenges on our platform and by participating on events like Hackathons as a tech provider, building our community of challengers and innovators on a steady and strong basis. We already got some amazing companies and other organizations joining our mission, so if you are one and you have challenges to be solved don’t be shy on reaching out to us. We’re constantly looking for new partners and talented people to join us on our journey. So, are you an 

Organization that want to post a challenge on TAIKAI? Or are you an Innovator that wants to solve a specific challenge?

Join us!

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