TAIKAI debuts on Pixels Camp Hackathon

What a start, it was an awesome event!

10.467 transactions 99,245% transactions success rate
2 challenges 88 projects 1.288.811 KAI used in the voting process

After a few months of development, we launched our MVP on Pixels Camp and we are very proud of what we achieved so far.

How it was?

In the first day, our CEO Mário Alves took the stage for a live demo where internet failures didn’t stop us to have tons of fun showing how TAIKAI works. We all know how live demos are!

We had two live challenges to Pixels Camp: Pixels Camp Hackathon and Insert Coin.

The first one included the hackathon itself and all the hackathon themes from the sponsors while Insert Coin was opened only for selected entrepreneurs. All the innovators registered on Pixels Camp that wanted to take on the main stage and present their projects on the final pitch had to create and publish them on TAIKAI Hackathon platform to be later voted upon.

Throughout the event, the innovators won several badges that were converted into KAI tokens, that were traded with other participants (9.420 transactions) and also used to back the submitted projects.

We were all waiting for the backing process to see how the platform would handle it! During the backing, we had more than 973 transactions and 1.283.811 KAI were used by users and the jury. The 10 awarded projects received a total of 738.663 KAI.

Any MVP has a flawless launch and we were not an exception. Several Pixels Camp participants shared with us different bugs that appeared during the hackathon and some improvements that we will definitely tackle in the future. It was a great learning process!

Being on Pixels Camp, we knew that we could be a target for hackers…and we were hacked! Thank God, the hackers didn’t play the bad guy role, instead, they helped us improve the security of the platform.

Life after Pixels Camp

Pixels Camp was a great experience and an important test for our platform. We are now planning the next iteration and, as you probably know, we need your help to do it. If you were a participant on Pixels Camp that submitted a project or participated on the backing process we ask you to give us a hand and answer to our survey (short and simple not boring at all!) Next month, we’ll be at CityHack 2019 again with a very important role: TAIKAI Hackathon platform will be used to submit and vote on all projects. But we have even greater news to you. Since we don’t want to be only a platform for hackathons, we want to challenge you with problems from different organizations. Very soon, we’ll launch new hackathons so you can think about new solutions and be rewarded for that.

Register on TAIKAI and stay tuned!

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