Product Series #2

Twitter Integration

With this update, we are launching a feature that allows Development DAO updates on Bounties to be automatically shared on Twitter. This integration will make it easier for the community to be updated on the current Bounties we have on the platform. This integration will share these events:

  • When a Bounty is created;
  • When a Bounty state changes;
  • When a user finds a solution for a Bounty;
  • When a Proposal is created or fails;
  • When a Bounty is distributed.

Attach Files to Bounties’ description

We’ve added a way for users to attach files to the description of a Bounty. This is mainly to guide developers to find the best solutions possible and have a clear view of what is required.

Keep transactions accessible after reconnecting

Users can now see their past transactions after reconnecting to the Development DAO, making it easy to track all their progress.

This will fix the issue that users had when randomly disconnecting and losing track of their transfers and actions on the app.

Labels for Pull Requests

We’ve added labels to the Pull Requests on the app. This way users can now check what’s the current state of the PRs from the app, helping them to see if they are able to create a Proposal.


  • Spacing, colours, and dates around Proposals / PR list;
  • Improved legibility of the address list;
  • Hide search bar if there are no items to show;
  • Limit bounty titles to 100 characters;
  • Changed “Finalised” state to “Finished” on the Bounty Roadmap;
  • Show the same labels on the new Proposal notification zone as we do on the dropdown;
  • Add “no results” to an empty Proposals list;
  • Add new labels for the Pull Requests’ header and list view;
  • Dropdown list non-selected colour on branches.


  • Remove popover from Bounty titles;
  • Fix no results subtitle on PR pages;
  • Fix merge Bounty modal window;
  • Dates were missing if the time frame was too small;
  • SEO title and amount for Bounty.
  • Change “DRAFT” label colour on SEO.

What’s coming

TAIKAI Labs is currently focused on making the Development DAO as accessible as possible for every user. This will be achieved by restructuring and redesigning all the pages, which are planned to go live this month. Whilst we keep working on the Custom Networks and White Labelling.

Stay tuned for the next Product Series for more information!

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