Pivot by Design in Covid19 Times

The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the business fabric. The first few months have been difficult, but most of the economic experts say that the worse is yet to come. 

The good news? We know it’s coming, as opposed to the initial stage that took us all by surprise.

We’re not sure what to expect in the upcoming months but here’s what we’re positive: to face the economic changes and the consumer behavior shift, the most impacted entrepreneurs and business leaders must rethink their strategy and find alternatives to resume their activity. If running a company is challenging by itself, pivoting the business model can be a stressful task and, for some of you, a lonely road.

Thinking on all of you that might have a solitary path ahead of you, we created the “Business Transformation by Design”, an innovative and distinctive program that will help leaders in need and, hopefully, boost Portugal’s economy.

This is a joint purpose with our good friends The Thinking Hotel where we intend, via a 12-week online program, to apply methodologies and tools of Strategy Design, Open Innovation, Co-Creation, and Co-Design.

This iterative and agile initiative heavily focused on mentorship has as a starting point the existing assets of a company to create new solutions that can appeal current and new targets.

Worth noting that this also applies to all the creative people who are currently unemployed or layed-off and designers interested in participating in an innovation process that aims to create new ideas to different economic and professional activities.

What’s in for the participants?

A brand new, tested, validated, and implemented business model, new partnerships with entrepreneurs of different fields of activity, a fresh strategy to face the future, new products and services, a network of coaches, mentors and experts of different sectors… You get the point. Please find all the required information here.

See you on the other side? You have until August 28th to apply – do not resign yourself to procrastination and do it today 💪.

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