Network & Testnet Release

Today marks a special day in BEPRO Network’s history. After many intensive months of building, and working non-stop to get our product and idea out with as much quality as possible, we’re happy to finally announce the public launch of our Testnet!

About the Network

The Network is a fully decentralised marketplace and protocol aiming to create a trust-less bridge between Operators and Developers, so they can collaborate in an open and decentralised manner, without having to go through third-parties or other entities to work together.

How to participate

You will be able to participate in the protocol in 3 different ways:

  1. As an Operator;
  2. As a Developer;
  3. As a Token Holder;


Operators are teams or individuals who are leading the efforts to build products and software in an open-source framework. BEPRO Network will allow projects or teams to build products and applications in a highly flexible environment*. You can work with a small core team, or you can take the role of a single CTO, and then you can leverage the power of decentralization to engage, as needed, with a talented community of developers and manage your development and open issues within a single platform.


Developers are talented individuals looking to work on a per-request and feature basis. As a developer you will be able to connect with builders and other developers and trade your commits, review and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC or other tokens.

Token Holders

Additionally, as a token holder and member of the community, you can also be part of the network and support it. Besides the direct interaction between operators and developers, a fully decentralized management and dispute management model has been provided for the protocol. This means that as a member of the community you can be part of the network, even if you’re not an Operator or Developer.

The curation of the protocol will be done via the BEPRO token, and as a holder you can participate directly in the network. Token holders will be able to help manage disputes, curate the system and provide development resources.

For all Operators, Developers, and Token Holders, our Terms & Conditions apply.

What about the next steps?

The Testnet is just the first stepping stone for building a strong ecosystem for everyone who wants to build amazing software.

We want to promote the usage of the protocol and grow the community, and we want to support teams and projects who want to be an active part of it. One of the next initiatives we are preparing for is the Open Grants Program (we announced it previously here), which we will start actively promoting soon.

On top of that, we currently have several other initiatives in place, and you can follow our public roadmap anytime.

We’re just getting started!

Check out our Testnet here.

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