How to recruit top talent using hiring challenges

It has become increasingly difficult to attract talent in today’s job market.

Highly talented and ambitious individuals know what they're worth, and they won't settle for subpar careers or work for companies that don't live up to their standards.

However, there is another underlying challenge that companies face right from the get-go: an outdated and indistinct recruitment process.

If you're having trouble attracting top talent, it might be time to take a step back and analyze your recruiting process.

Why your current recruitment process is not working 🤔

Every human resources manager has the challenge of recruiting and selecting the appropriate job candidate with the right skills for the role. However, creating a framework that enables you to hire top talent is difficult.

This is particularly noticeable in computer science or STEM-related professions such as web developers, frontend, backend, and full-stack software engineers, data analysts, and so on. 

Resorting to generic recruiting and hiring methods will hardly get you the ideal applicant for your organization. 

In turn, you’ll probably end up with modest employees, while the best talent is going somewhere else - something that no company can afford.

The best tool to recruit top talent: Hiring challenges

Hiring challenges are a great approach to help HR managers attract and retain talent. If you’re not familiar with the tool, you should read our introduction to hiring challenges article.

In short, a hiring challenge is a specific test, designed to validate a candidate's hard and soft skills. Resorting to a hiring challenge has a multitude of benefits (especially when compared to the traditional hiring process), one of them being talent acquisition. 

Using hiring challenges to attract talent

One of the key reasons you should opt for a hiring challenge is the potential to identify and attract talent.

Through this tool, candidates are evaluated exclusively on their skills and what they can bring to the team.

This not only makes the recruiter's job easier, but also gives candidates the perception that their application is not relying on their education, years of experience, age, or other discriminatory factors that undermine their hopes.

And the truth is, if you're still trying to recruit talent based on those indicators, you're probably missing out on a ton of potential.

Our unique Apply-to-Earn system provides incentives for talented candidates

We believe that the community should have a much more relevant role in the job market, starting with recruitment processes.

We developed a system that provides candidates the chance to earn crypto tokens for participating in your hiring challenge.

This is a worthwhile incentive that you won’t find in other tools on the market, nor in the "traditional" hiring methodology.

It also adds a new dimension to the hiring process, making your offer more appealing right from the start.

Even if the applicant is not selected for the role, they will still be rewarded for their commitment and dedication.

You can make a better cultural fit assessment

In today's workplace, company culture is becoming increasingly important, and we are aware that determining a candidate's cultural fit is one of the most difficult aspects of the hiring process.

Plus, bear in mind that cultural fit is a two-way process: recruiters look for candidates who can connect with their company, and candidates already have a preset of cultural company influences that are more in line with their identity.

The hiring challenge provides you a better understanding of whether a candidate has the right cultural fit for your company by allowing you to assess their behavior, engagement, and core values in a real-case scenario.

This strategy is far more effective than the traditional set of questions asked during a job interview, for instance. In this case, candidates can provide more convenient and prepared answers, whereas by resorting to a hiring challenge, your first analysis is carried out from the delivered project.

If you’re having trouble recruiting and attracting the best talent, you should consider hosting a hiring challenge!

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