Grants Program — 1st Batch Announcement

After a long and thorough period of selection, we can now announce the projects that will be part of the First Batch of our Grant Programme!

For this First Batch, we assembled 9 awesome projects, and did our best to make sure we had good coverage of different relevant and upcoming fields in the Blockchain and Web3 world! We’re happy to see projects covering NFTs, Gaming, Interactive Media, Development Tools, and even Enterprise Software!

All these projects will certainly push forward the BEPRO Ecosystem, as all of them will use BEPRO as a critical component and piece of their technology and Smart Contracts.

Here’s a list of all the amazing Projects and BUIDLers of the First Batch:

Project 1: Pay — Create an implementation of on bepro-js (for easy integration of FIAT payments via API). This project consists of creating a bepro.js method and class to allow anyone using BEPRO’s framework to easily add payment solutions to their applications using Pay.


Project 2: UCO Network— A management and traceability solution for used biodiesel markets, using Blockchain for embedded compliance and traceability

Project 3: Clash Cards Champions — Clash Cards Champions is a turn-based NFT card duelling platform where users have exciting battles in their quest to become the king of NFT duels.


Project 4: LiveDuel — A Fan Engagement platform where fans around the world can compete in real-time against one another, whilst sports brands can build a closer connection to their fans. LiveDuel is building the technology that will facilitate real-time interactivity and engagement.


Project 5: NFTSee Social Gallery — NFTsee social gallery is a platform that will allow users to view their NFT collection in a sleek way while being able to put a name to your wallet and connect with your friends. You will be able to view and interact with your own and other people’s NFT’s.

Project 6: PunkSkin — A universe of auto-generated Avatars & Astronauts. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.


Project 7: Rally TASCOs — A cultural mini-game, where users play to buy & sell NFTs of Tascos (typical Portuguese taverns).


Project 8: Un1ke — Project focused on helping Artists and Local businesses onboard into the Web 3.0 movement. Using NFTs to capture intellectual property over physical assets by creating processes and methods to capture and tokenize everyday objects to Urban art.


Project 9: Worldbox — An interactive media system using real-time crowd input to create a user-created show, where viewers earn and use tokens to engage with the show.


These are the magnificent 9 in our first grant batch. We’re happy to have them on-board and we’re all now working together to bring these ideas to fruition. You can follow their progress on our Github here.

Stay tuned, as we’ll release more information soon.

Keep BUIDLing!

Carlos Mendes
Carlos Mendes
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