Gathering Testnet Developers

Last week we made a major announcement of a key milestone delivery on our roadmap: Public testnet release of our Network. Following up on that, we are now launching an initiative to get more builders and developers using the testnet and its functionalities. This post will focus on what incentives BEPRO Network is employing to get developers, and how they can participate in the growth of the network.

Developers who successfully on-board to the testnet using the following steps will receive a starting incentive of 10,000 $BEPRO tokens, while supplies last. BEPRO Network will make available a total of 15M BEPRO Tokens to this initiative. Developers may only register once, and multiple accounts will be flagged and will not receive any additional tokens. Terms and Conditions apply. BEPRO tokens disbursed through this initiative are intended to be spent on development and issues within the network; they are not intended for resale.

How to get started?

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click “Get Started” on the top right menu bar to go here: (read the article, follow and do the steps).

Step 3: Register via Github. To do so, head to (read the article, follow and do the steps).

Step 4: Join our Discord:

Step 5: Start the on-boarding process and register as a Developer via the BEPRO Network Developer Registration Form:

*Important note*

  • BEPRO Network reserves the right to verify accounts to determine that they are not fakes or duplicates.
  • A balance of ETH must be present in any addresses submitted for this initiative funding, otherwise BEPRO tokens will not be sent.
  • The reward of 10K BEPRO will be given to your moonriver address (which is the same as ethereum).
  • The distribution of the rewards will be given once mainnet launches.

Congratulations, you are now successfully on-boarded. A team member will review your application, and the BEPRO incentive will be disbursed if approved.

Stay tuned for more information!

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