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Hackathons are breaking into the corporate world as collaborative practices that promise endless possibilities for innovation. A darling of the tech industry in the beginning, the approach has since been introduced to more traditional, non-technical industries and businesses, creating a uniquely productive atmosphere that has proven able to develop new ideas and, most importantly, allow companies escape from old ones.

By gathering participants from different regions, varied backgrounds and diverse domains to question perspective, rebuild concepts and formulate path-breaking solutions for business-critical problems, hackathons are giving a special contribution to a smarter and brighter future. Easier said than (actually) done, you may think?

As we all know, never as in our time - this time - has the world been faced with more challenging problems needing quick effective answers so, it is not surprising to see how companies are using hackathons to shake up established business models and inspire new products and services, as well as help to address human resources issues, such as employee engagement, wellbeing at work and cultural change. Good examples of relevant solutions that came out from recent hackathons include EGA, a project for a smart pill dispenser that ensures medication storage and dispensing by notifying users or caregivers (Hack for Good @ Home Challenge, by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) and Post It, a barcode reader application to be used by postmen on mail distribution (d|Code Challenge by CTT).

Add this to growing digitalization and what do you get? 

More and more companies experiencing innovation pathways, taking the partnership with TAIKAI to the next level, which is confirming the platform as a relevant contributor for corporate strategy. While 2020 caused unprecedented change and uncertainty, it has also shed light on how technology can help pave the way for invention and growth. At its most successful, a good idea that proves workable and is both supported by leadership and embraced by the teams can result in a bundle of improvements and put a company ahead of the pack in terms of competitive advantage.

TAIKAI is committed to help all sorts of businesses and organizations reimagine and create a better future beyond the pandemic. We are proud of how far our platform has come and we are also excited to welcome a brighter 2021, where we will empower companies and innovators to achieve more. 

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