Why is the Community the most valuable asset of your company?

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I am glad to know that, somehow, this content has raised your attention. Instinctively, your curiosity or necessity of knowledge has led you to click on this article and to know more about it. But does this mean that you’re now a member of our community?

As consumers, we all have our preferences and options that determine our choices every day. Nevertheless, it is important to start by understanding whether this turns us into satisfied consumers or active members of a community.

We see the term “community” as a group of people with a common interest, who may share the same opinion regarding a company or a brand. However, from a company’s point of view, it is not only about attracting and engaging people. It is daily continuous work on making them feel like a part of the team, building up their confidence so that they feel comfortable in recommending, and even further than that, to be willing to contribute actively to its growth.

But in which way does the creation of a community boost the growth of my business?

Well, just bear in mind that the creation of real bonds between the consumer and the company/brand promotes the customer’s loyalty. Consequently, while nurturing these relationships, the community truly grows, as well as the image your brand is associated with.

Don’t think this is an easy process. But with good planning ahead it is possible to create and grow a community organically in a crowded internet full of noise and boring content.

But in TAIKAI, how do we nourish this (almost emotional) bonding with our community?

  1. Knowing and understanding our target’s interests (Persona detailed profile, interests, skills, demography, preferences, gender, age, …);
  2. Educating and giving them tools, offering relevant content accordingly with his/her preferences (blog, social media, newsletters, talks, podcasts, …);
  3. Analyzing the metrics and asking for honest feedback;
  4. Finding ways to learn from the members of the community, attracting more knowledge and making them feel as they are a very relevant part of our platform;
  5. Creating periodic events on which the members can be rewarded for joining our journey (webinars, meetups, hackathons, workshops);
  6. Providing them with the possibility of participating in challenges where they can collaborate with one another and complete in a healthy way to increase their own potential.

To sum up, just be curious and don’t take advantage of your community! Focus on why you’re building it and actually serve their needs and desires. If your plan is to lure them, to get what you want and leave them to dry, this is not going to work. They are your most valuable asset, so treat them well and always give more than you’ll be able to get.

They will follow you no matter what…

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