Mobilizing Code Experts for a Race 🏎️

  • Registrations until: 03.11.2020
  • Who's eligible to enroll: Portuguese students, newly graduated, and Engineering professionals
  • Objective: develop tech solutions to improve the Automotive Sector
  • Prize: Products / Devices (see more here)


There’s a 50% chance that you – the person reading this – live in a city. 30 years from now, the likelihood will jump up to 68%, and 80 years from now, in 2100, that percentage will change to 85%, according to data from the European Commission.

Here’s the problem: even if cities grow as much as they can upwards, with 100 story skyscrapers using the space that’s available, if mobility is not one of the highest priorities, there will be a considerable degradation of the quality of life: traffic congestions, a sea of people walking in the street, air pollution, and cramped public transports. These challenges require a new approach to city development, bringing us the concept of Smart Cities.

If you’re unfamiliar with the subject, a Smart City is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to boost its operational capabilities. Technology not only facilitates governance initiatives but also enhances citizens’ quality of life. Mobility is a vital part of this and solutions that explore new approaches for better, more sustainable transportation systems and models that are able to improve commute times and accelerate the circulation of people and goods across town will become imperative in this new reality.

And this is exactly what Altran, the world leader in engineering and research and development services, aims to achieve with its Code Race 2020. Using this soon-to-be brave new world reality, the company wants to enroll Portuguese innovators (students, newly graduated, and engineers) in this hackathon to develop workable solutions for the automotive industry.

The teams must be formed by four members and the prizes range from an electric scooter to a smartwatch and a virtual assistant. You can learn all about the challenge here.

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