Builders’ Spotlight: Uzyth to integrate Staking & Governance

We are excited to announce UZyth is leveraging our technology for token staking and governance features, integrating them in their ecosystem. By leveraging bepro-js, UZyth will add staking and governance into their ecosystem in a quick and simple manner.

UZyth is a blockchain ecosystem that will feature a wide variety of products and services in DeFi and gaming. Operating in the Brazilian market, their current products are mentioned below:

ZYTH GO! Is an augmented reality APP game that lets you catch real UZ Coins based on your location. We care about our customers and we want them to explore their surroundings as a fun way to earn UZ Coins.

ZYTH WALLET! Store individual user’s crypto in one place. ZYTH Wallet offers a simple interface to manage crypto transactions (btc, eth and zyth). Individual users can send or receive btc, eth and zyth from the app.

ZYTH BET! Was initially developed using the BetProtocol Esports Betting SDK.

BEPRO Integration in UZyth Ecosystem

1) ERC20 Staking

ERC20 Staking is a functionality that allows token projects to incentivise their community and token holders to better interact with each other and the token ecosystem. By utilizing staking mechanisms, token holders can participate in community driven initiatives and use their coins to gain access to new features and incentives.

2) Governance Mechanisms

UZyth is building governance methods for their token holders to participate and engage in discussions about the future of the project. Coupled with staking, UZyth will be able to incentivise their community of token holders to vote with their coins on initiatives, milestones, and other governance issues. Decentralised governance is a key technology in DeFi, and UZyth will be leveraging bepro-js to integrate it into their development roadmap.

BEPRO Network is Growing

The on-boarding of UZyth as another BEPRO Network builder truly shows the universality and usefulness of bepro-js. At BEPRO Network, we are building the blockchain tools and codebase that allow projects like UZyth to quickly and efficiently bootstrap their ideas.

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Carlos Mendes
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